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Welcome to the I want learn Killing ACGamingST WikiEdit

hi !!! i am ACGamingST i'm just a small youtuber but i'm trying my best to be a popular youtuber !!!


i'm an Algerian youtuber, my dream is to be a great youtuber or at least popular my channel is so good if you check it out you will find lot of funny videos and me playing games...

i'm really nice to everybody and i don't want any problems, my favourite think in the world is GAMING

i don't have a wife or a girlfriend ... i'm 14 now i was born in 2003 14 of October i'm not interested in any of those things about love and drama sometimes i act like i like those things but uhh that's kind of weird so i don't like it.

my favourite language is this one that i'm currently using English... this is not my country's language i speak arabic but i find out it's the best language of all languages and every one can understand it so i think i can study it and use it as my language on youtube.

thanks for reading you may want to check out my youtube channel : please help me with some feedback


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